FY2020 Research Projects

WI20-01: Nursing Home Use Expectations & Wealth Accumulation Among the Elderly
WI20-02: Employer Incentives in Return to Work Programs
WI20-03: SSDI and Intergenerational Economic Mobility
WI20-04: Lost and Found: Claiming Behavior in Abandoned Retirement Accounts
WI20-05: Educational Opportunity and Patterns of Participation in SSI & DI
WI20-06: Trends in DI Conversations on Online Forums
WI20-07: Housing Assistance as a Benefit for the Disabled and SSI Takeup
WI20-08: Declining Economic Opportunity, Rising Overdose Rates, & DI Receipt
WI20-09: The Demographics behind Aging in Place: Implications for Supplemental Security Income Eligibility and Receipt
WI20-10: Home Ownership and Housing Debt in Retirement
WI20-11: Housing Wealth and Economic Security in Retirement
WI20-12: Caregiving and Labor Force Participation
WI20-Q1: Determinants of the Use of Supplemental Security Income by American Indian and Alaska Natives
WI20-Q2: Economic Security of Older Adults during the COVID19 Crisis: Early Data to Inform Research and Policy

IRP Small Grant Award

IRP20-01: “What Does Retirement Look Like for the Criminal-Justice-Involved Population? Sources of Income in Old Age for People with Criminal Records

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