Working Papers

Working Papers provide comprehensive information on a research project’s objectives, background, methods, and findings. Many working papers are later published in journals and books.

FY2021 Papers

WI21-02: Retirement in the Context of Intergenerational Transfers
WI21-04: The Changing Task Content of Jobs for Older Workers in the United States
WI21-05: The Effects of Expanding Access to Mental Health Services on SS(D)I Applications and Awards
WI21-07: Economic Security in Retirement: How Does Borrowing from Home Equity After a Health Shock Affect Health Outcomes?
WI21-08: Employment Shocks, Unemployment Insurance, and Caregiving
WI21-10: Older Adult Out-of-Pocket Pharmaceutical Spending After Home Mortgage Payoff
WI21-11: Consequences and Response to Identity Theft Victimization among Older Americans
WI21-01: Using SSDI Conversations in Online Forums to Improve Communication and Outreach
WI21-03: Assessing Vulnerability to Social Security Scams
WI21-Q1: Access to a Local Public Housing Authority Office and SSI Participation

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